View Full Version : Chicago White Sox - Comiskey Park's 80th Anniversary Year

03-08-2005, 09:44 AM
I was searching around for some info on the new advertising campaign when I came across this PR site. I'm not sure if anybody has seen it or posted it before but here it is. It's a pretty cool recap on how the sox hired this firm to do their communications during the final season at Old Comiskey.

"The team effort enabled the Sox organization to concentrate on sports reporters and park events with PCI working with non-sports media and coordinating off-site promotions. The goal was to generate a constant stream of news from before spring training, through the last game and right into the next season."

Here's the link,
PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS INC. (http://www.pcipr.com/clients/casehistories/ecs_0013.htm)

The memories!:drunken:

Medford Bobby
03-08-2005, 10:58 AM
:smile: I never bought into the whole see the park one last time promotion. What made that whole campaign a success was the CLUB....That was an exciting ball club that won 94 games......and the reason I came out more often to the ole ball yard. If that team played like the 1970 White Sox..they would have only had half the fans show up......:whiner:

Just look how different this park looks like now compared to Opening Day 1991!