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03-08-2005, 08:40 AM
WOW. The Sox and Frank Thomas get the COVER on BOTH PAPERS TODAY!
In fact, the SOX get the very rare ENTIRE PAGE graphic from the Sun-Times,
an honor the Times reserve for Cub players and historic stories.
Very nice to see that Frank Thomas is now being looked at differently,
in light of the steroids scandals. We here at WSI and sox fans in general
are laughing because we've known steroids to be behind the success of a certain departed player 8miles north. Wish it could be like this all the time ....

Dan McGrath, alleged Sox fan and sports editor at the Cubune even does a piece on Frank Thomas today ....... This all reminds me of the GLOWING
articles Magglio Ordonez got after the SOX just let him walk away (without compensation). Where were all these articles the last few years? Where
were all the Color Pictures? The Cover shots? The Media would rather
print a picture of little punk/media shield Darren Baker.

2 cub stories
4 sox stories
2 cub stories
2 sox stories
Sox get the Cover in BOTH papers.

SOX 56

03-08-2005, 11:55 AM
I came out ready to fire at Hangar if he said anything bad about the Sun-Times today. I could hardly believe my eyes when I picked it up this morning