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10-28-2001, 08:11 PM
Baseball America has put out a comprehensive list of six year minor league free agents. After teh World Series concludes, any team can sign any of these players. I have amde a list of who I think we should sign along with some of their stats. Take a look at tell me who you think we should sign. Here't the link:


Each player is listed by name, team last played with, and age in 2002.

Catchers: (We should sign at least one to replace Dealsandro who is a FA and to call up when Alomar gest hurt, assuming we don't sign CJ)

Angel Pena-Dodgers, 27, AAA stats from 2001-.313 ba, 16 hr, 41 rbi. Played in majors with Dodgers.

Yamid Haad-Pirates, 25, AAA stats .257 BA Played in majors with Pirates

1st base-Probably the last postion we nned depth at but there is some good talent out there

Ron Wright-Tampa Bay, 26, AAA stats .262 BA, 20 HR, 75 RBI.

Kevin Witt-San Diego, 26, AAA stats .289 BA, 27 HR, 87 RBI. Played in majors with Padres and Blue Jays.

Third Base-(Someone in case Crede falters)

Cole Liniak-Blue Jays, 26, AAA stats .241, 10 HR, 49 RBI. Played in majors with Cubs.

Outfielders-(always coudl use a little depth here)

Michael Coleman-Yankees, 27, AAA stats .238 BA, 4 HR, 17 RBI. Played in majors with Red Sox and Yankees.

Emil Brown-Padres, 27, AAA stats .321 BA. Played in majors with Pirates and Padres.

Barry Wesson-Astros, 25, AA stats .252, BA 16 HR, 52 RBI

Edgard Clemente-Red Sox, 26, AAA stats .247 BA, 12 HR, 35 RBI. Played in majors with Rockies and Angels, ahs a .249 career BA in majors. Nephew of Roberto Clemente.

Donzel McDonald-Yankees, 27, AAA stats. .257 BA, 20 SB. Played in majors with Yankees, .333 BA in majors.

Pitchers (you can never have to much pitching)

Will Brunson-Mariners?, 32, MLB stats, 27 games, 5.71 ERA. Playes in majors with Tigers and Dodgers.

Jason Rakers-Royals, 29, AAA stas, 4.45 ERA in 44 games. Played in majors with Royals and Indians

Chris Fussell-Royals, 26, AAA stats 9 games, 9.61 ERA (injured). Has played in majors with Royals and Orioles.

Brandon Kolb, Brewers, 29, AAA stats, 4.28 ERA, 40 games, 14 saves. Played in majors with Padres and Brewers.

Rocky Coppinger-Breweres, 28, MLB Stats 82 games, 5.27 ERA, 32 starts. Played in majors with Orioles and Brewers.

Ken Cloude-Mariners, 27, MLB stats 71 games, 45 starts, 6.56 ERA. All MLB games came with Mariners.

Brian Rose-Devil Rays, 26, MLB stats, 68 games, 54 starts, 5.11 ERA. Played in majors with Mets, ROCKIES, Red Sox, and Devil Rays.

Brian O'Connor-Pirates, 25, MLB stats 6 games, 5.11 ERA, alla gmes came with Pirates

Brent Stentz-Tiwns, 28, MLB stats, 1.93 ERA with Twins in 2001

Jimmy Osting-Padres, 25, LEFT HANDED, Played in majors with Padres.

Former Sox such as Joe Davenport, Mike Caruso, Craig Wilson, and Kevin Beirne are also out there. So is a 25 year old named Matt DeWitt who we were supposed to get in teh fouled up D. Wells deal. DeWitt has got a live arm and has already had a lot of success. All of these guys are worth at least a look in spring training. Rememebr this is how we found Kelly Wunsch.

duke of dorwood
10-28-2001, 09:00 PM
I like Beirne and let's get DeWitt. I'd like to bolster Minor league pitching depth in case some of the repaired arms aren't recovered.

10-29-2001, 11:08 PM
I'd like to see the Sox give Angel Pena a try. No one has ever questioned his talent but they also haven't questioned his weight problems. Either way he can't be worse than Josh Paul.

No firstbase/DHs please, we have enough of those already.

I like Brown and Coleman both of them can play center and could even start for a little bit. Neither has ever really gotten a chance. The Red Sox didn't like Coleman's attitude and the Pirates were too obsessed with mega-talent John Wehner to give a chance to a young player like Emil Brown.

Among the pitchers I like Rose, Beirne and Osting. I bet Osting could go Kelly Wunsch for a year. Brian Rose was on Gary Huckabay's new Ken Phelps All-Star team. Beirne had decent peripherals for the Sox so he deserves another shot.

10-29-2001, 11:37 PM
welcome back kermie, havent seen ya in awhile.....

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welcome back kermie, havent seen ya in awhile.....

I've been around BMR, you've just managed to miss me.

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I've been around BMR, you've just managed to miss me.

40 posts??? you havent been around too much! :)