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02-18-2005, 12:34 PM
http://www.team990.com/images/logo.gif (http://www.team990.com/home.ch2) (http://www.team990.com/audiofiles/audioarchive294.mp3)

Dave Van Horne in the 7th of last home game (http://www.team990.com/audiofiles/audioarchive299.mp3)
In his unique fashion, the 7th inning of the last home game of the Expos on September 29th 2004

Mitch's Tribute to the Expos (http://www.team990.com/audiofiles/audioarchive294.mp3)[/url]
On a musical background, memories and greatest moments from the Expos' memories

Elliott's Final Closing at Shea Stadium (http://www.team990.com/audiofiles/audioarchive294.mp3)
Elliott's final emotional goodbye to the Expos