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02-04-2005, 12:59 AM
Here's a list of some ESPN, ESPN2, FOX, etc Spring Training games.Post #1 (http://www.soxtalk.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=29520#)

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http://www.soxtalk.com/forums/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif I posted this list of Spring Training TV games over on the White Sox mlb.com message board. Hope it will be of some use for some of you here.

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I went to all the teams mlb.com websites & looked up what games we might be able to view in this central time zone area and came up with this.....

ESPN....all times central time zone

March 2 Nationals vs Mets 12:05 pm
3 Yankees vs Pirates 12:15 pm
4 Dodgers vs Braves 12:05 pm
7 Cubs vs Rangers 1:05 pm
8 Giants vs Rangers 1:05 pm
14 Cardinals vs Braves 12:05 pm
21 Dodgers vs Red Sox 1:05 pm
22 Mets vs Braves 12:10 pm

ESPN2....all times central time zone

March 15 White Sox vs Angels 1:05 pm
16 Giants vs Mariners
23 Cubs vs Diamondbacks 2:05 pm

WGN....all times central time zone

March 12 Cubs vs Angels 2:05 pm
18 Cubs vs White Sox 2:05 pm
19 Cubs vs Brewers 2:05 pm

Here are some listed as FSN...maynot be able to get some of these game in this central time zone area

March 20 Marlins vs Houston 12:05 pm
21 Mariners vs Colorado 8:05 pm
23 Mariners vs Angels 8:05 pm
23 Cardinals vs Mets 6:05 pm
24 Tampa Bay vs Reds 6:05 pm
25 Mets vs Marlins 6:05 pm
26 Tampa Bay vs Red Sox 12:05 pm
27 Cardinals vs Marlins 12:05 pm
28 Cubs vs Mariners 8:05 pm

CSN Chicago....all times central time zone

March 14 Cubs vs White Sox 2:05 pm
27 Cubs vs San Diego 2:05 pm

I get the WB & UPN channels so I hope these 2 games are on....

March 19 Cardinals vs Dodgers 12:05 pm on the WB channel
26 Mariners vs Kansas City 12:05 pm on the UPN channel

I didn't list the 20 games that ComCast is having of the White Sox because I figured the White Sox fans here already have them written down somewhere.

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