View Full Version : Memories that last forever

01-27-2005, 02:31 AM
I hate to be one of those fans that bad mouth our former sox players once they get traded to other teams. It hurts to see players like "El Cabello", Mags, and yes even Jose Valentine leave our club. For simple matter that they each contributed so much to this organization. There are many memories each player has left us, lets share our best stories and show our true character of being a white sox fan.

http://sportsmed.starwave.com/i/magazine/new/whitesox_tigers_fight.jpg One of my favorite most memorable if not longest baseball brawl story was in April 2000 against the Detriot Tigers. We were playing at Comisky and Jeff Weaver hit Lee with a fastball, Parque retaliated back at one of Detriot hitters. All I remember is seeing everyone from both dugouts running to the field throwings fists in two different ocassions in the same game! About 15 players with suspended included coaches, it was definitely one for the books. Mags, Almomar(s), Loaiza, Jose, and Lee will always be part of Chicago-baseball history.