View Full Version : Let's talk about eBay: Cubs fans bilking Cubs fans

01-22-2005, 12:46 AM
Lest anyone thing that only White Sox fans are capitalist running dogs selling the wristbands for more than the $2 retail price, do an eBay search on the "Believe" wristband. There were more than 3 freaking pages of sCrUB wristbands for sale!!!

Some are fetching some pretty high prices, but if you scroll down, there are a few sellers not out to gouge their fans. On the other hand, one slimeball had their wristbands listed for an attractive Buy It Now price of $0.99, but the S & H charges were a whopping $7.99 for the first wristband, plus an additional $4.99 for each additional wristband after the first one.

I guess even sCrUB fans know they can't get broke underestimating the stupidity of other sCrUB fans.