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01-01-2005, 11:52 PM
Here in Japan, every New Years they have a TV show called "Muscle Battle". Competitors are pitted against each other in various strength, speed, and stamina events. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Podsednik was invited to participate for being the stolen base leader last year in the MLB. Usually foreign inivitees don't place well because of their lack of knowledge of the games and so forth. This year the top 5 finishers were all grouped pretty close at the top of the overall scoreboard, with Scotty in 4th. His best events were the short range sprint type events ( damn this guy can get a great jump) he consistently beat other players off the start line. This guy really showed some good power as well. Nothing but kind words came from his mouth and looked like he had a really good time. Happy we got the guy!

01-01-2005, 11:53 PM
Holy balls, thats awesome. I envy you.

Erik The Red
01-02-2005, 02:58 AM
Good to hear, let's hope he produces just as well on the field this year.

01-02-2005, 03:09 AM
If he can find a way to get on base at a .340+ clip, he could have a FANTASTIC season. If he can find a way to repeat 2003, and get on at a .380 clip, he's gonna have one of the best seasons a White Sox leadoff guy have EVER had.

If he only gets on at a .313 clip like last season, people will rightfully call for KWs head.

01-02-2005, 10:51 AM
Podsednik is a stand-up guy and will only be good for this team. People in Milwaukee that I talk to are really sad to see him go...sure they like having Carlos Lee, but they didn't want to give up Pods to get him. He really was the fan favorite here. Now let's go get Milwaukee's other fan favorite...Ben Sheets. :D:

01-02-2005, 09:51 PM
I'd like to see him in "Most Extreme Challenge".

01-02-2005, 10:16 PM
I'd like to see him in "Most Extreme Challenge".
Do you mean MXC..Most Extreme Elimination Challenge?? on spike

That show RULES

01-02-2005, 10:45 PM
It's always good to hear good news about new players. God help me, I'm starting to get optimistic about next year. :drunken:

Some people never learn.


01-02-2005, 11:09 PM
I think its great that they deem the MLB stolen base leader to be worthy of such an invitation. I can only approve of a culture that values baseball that highly.