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12-22-2004, 12:19 AM
Anyone been to this site before, ( http://www.fieldofschemes.com ) I was in the Rob Neyer ESPN chat the other day and he recc'd it when someone asked about the DC situation, saying that some would be surprised on what was really going on and he hoped that MLB fell on its face. I just skimmed it, and this article was linked from the site stuck out to me, about how Steinbrenner plans to build a new stadium by having the other teams in baseball pay for it :angry:


A few moments with a calculator--and a copy of Andrew Zimbalist's May the Best Team Win, which lays out the details of the new revenue-sharing plan starting on page 99--reveals the impact of this clause on George Steinbrenner's stadium plans. The Yankees currently pay a marginal revenue-sharing rate of about 39% of local revenue. (Low-revenue teams, interestingly, pay an even higher marginal rate, which may help explain why teams like the Twins are seemingly so disinterested in such aspects of the business as, oh, selling tickets.) Taking a deduction for $40 million a year in stadium bond payments would thus earn the Yankees a $15.6 million-a-year write-off on their annual revenue-sharing obligations. Over time, about $300 million of the House That George Built would be paid for by the other 29 teams. Thoughts, comments, been to the site before, is this all obvious and I live under a rock, etc?

12-22-2004, 12:41 AM
I hate George Steinbrenner.