View Full Version : Clement? Perez? Other? No one?

12-14-2004, 09:46 AM
Take your pick for using the money and explain why you would prefer Kenny sign the person in question

12-14-2004, 10:04 AM
They are really equal...they both have showed signs of brillence, and have showed signs of failure....neither had had that "breakout" season yet....neither has ever got much run support....both seem like they can be head cases....Clement K's more batters it looks like, but I really never watched Perez pitch much (outside of him getting rocked in the playoffs, but didn't he no hit the Cubs 2 years ago, or 1 hit). I think Clement has a slight edge, but I realistically don't think we could afford him, I think this price will only go up

12-14-2004, 10:23 AM
Clement. K and groundball pitcher...good fit for US Cellular launching pad.