View Full Version : Dye breaks his leg

10-14-2001, 10:28 PM
Dye (http://espn.go.com/mlb/playoffs2001/s/2001/1014/1264059.html)

10-14-2001, 10:34 PM
That sucks. It looked painful, but not hard enough to break the bone.

You have to think this gives the Yanks an even bigger edge going back into the Bronx. It does suck that the A's will be missing their cleanup hitter going into their most important game of the year.

That's almost Sox-like bad luck.

10-14-2001, 10:35 PM
Originally posted by Jerry_Manuel
Dye (http://espn.go.com/mlb/playoffs2001/s/2001/1014/1264059.html)

Damn, I thought it was serious. He nailed his shin. It was like a bullet hitting him with the speed and stuff.

10-15-2001, 02:52 PM
I had to see it in slow motion. His leg bent the other way, very nasty.