View Full Version : October??

10-13-2001, 11:37 AM
well our boys played a few October games in 2001....too bad

they included another butt kickin' at the hands of the yanks

& an unsuccessful run at 2nd place in the twinkiedome...how

fitting we should end a disappointin' season in such a way.

I have enjoyed the comradery of all of you that frequent this

site, also enjoyed ptc contest & losing as often as I did, am

particularly proud of my propensity to pick players who wound

up not playing that night...one more thing I can blame on Jerry

Manuel..........I further blame him for playin' the bums on the

roster like Clayton, Harold (not a bum, just washed up). that

kid outfielder back in April & May....pure guts in center field,

my gawwwd! put him back at short & send Royce packin'...

get healthy Big Frank we need ya' man! & young guns keep

gettin' better.......make a run in 2002

go go Soxxxxxxxxxxxx