View Full Version : Comcast Sports Chicago / Dish Netowrk Info

Lip Man 1
11-17-2004, 12:56 PM
For all of you who get The Dish Network. This is their reply to a question I sent them about when Comcast - Chicago was going to be available (Remember this is The DISH NETWORK not DirecTV!)

"Thanks for contacting us. DISH Network has an agreement with Comcast SportsNet Chicago for carriage and hopes to announce a launch date soon. Once DISH Network notifies Comcast SportsNet Chicago on when the network will be launched, we will post that information on our web site, www.comcastsportsnet.com (http://www.comcastsportsnet.com/)."


Medford Bobby
11-17-2004, 07:33 PM
:(: I got xcited over the weekend checking out channels on my Dish and saw CSNWS which is channel 409...wasn't sure what it was at first, then I thought, maybe it is the "Chicago" CSN, but did not know what the "WS" was...(maybe White S:rolleyes:X) at first, then realized it was a CSN from Northern California......:whiner:

Going to Mom's for Thanksgiving and I can check out the CSNC channel on her Direct TV:bandance: .........

Remember SOXFEST Tucson at Bobb Dobbs next week!!:gulp: