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11-10-2004, 08:56 PM
Silly question for those who have lived here longer than me...

Green's birthplace is listed as Des Plaines, IL, but did he actually grow up and play HS ball here? No one I've talked to seems to know.

11-10-2004, 09:24 PM
From: http://www.shawngreen.net/biography/intro.html

Shawn David Green was born on November 10 1972 to Judy and Ira Green in Des Plaines Illinois. Ira worked in sales and when Shawn was a year old the family moved first to New Jersey and then on to San Jose California, where they remained until Shawn was twelve. The next move was to Tustin California.

Although Shawn’s main sporting love was baseball he also played soccer until he was ten. Baseball was always his game though and from a very early age, even as a toddler he loved to hit and throw a ball with his dad. As he grew his parents bought him his own batting cage and pitching machine. They were always there to help and encourage their son whenever needed. (In later years Shawn would say how this help and support of his family helped him through the good times and the bad.) Some days he would hit up to 200 balls a day until he could hardly hold a bat. Next day he would be back for more. He just loved to hit.

Maybe during this time he would be dreaming of playing in Fenway Park in Boston like his baseball idol Ted Williams. Little did he know then that in just a few short years he would be right there hitting one of the longest home runs to right field of the 1997 season to win the game for a future hall of famer Roger Clemens! In fact it was Green’s hitting that won three out of four games in that series, two of them with home runs.

Whilst still living in San Jose, Shawn became a member of the Little League program and went on to play in the Pony League before moving to Irvine. Baseball was his life, he just loved to play all year around! He attended Tustin High School where he really started to show what the future would hold for him.