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10-08-2001, 11:46 AM

10-08-2001, 02:48 PM
I said the Sox would win 83 wins back on July 10 on the Cubune WS MB arguing with this Toon fan. I just made a quick reference that I THINK THE SOX WILL WIN 83. Here it is..

From:*GASHWOUND*Jul-10 4:50 am*To:*VTTRIBEFAN*(264 of 341)**8.264 in reply to 8.263*I am aware of the Indian's injuries last year, but they got pretty much everybody healthy the second half of the season which enabled you to have the best record in the second half of all the teams. If you were not able to get healthy and/or had the same players injured the whole year, it would have been imposible for you guys to have such a good record the rest of the season. Including your big bat of Manny Ramariz. We won't be so lucky this year with our big bat Frank out to go along with half of our pitching, which includes Parque, Eldred, Simas, Osuna, Barcelo, and Wunch out for the entire year and the possibillity of David Wells having to have back surgery this season, which will end his season. Also the recurring problems of Jose Valentine's hamstrings. Thats to much for a team to handle in one year. Try and hover around the .500 mark with your best hitter out of the line up, half of your bullpen gone and 23 wins taken away from your rotation and you have a .500 team. I think we will win 83 games this year. We just have to gear up for next season, which with the emergence of all of our young pitching to go along with the guys who will return next season, We should be contending for a playoff spot next year. Concerning the twins, they are just having career years. How can a team have the worst record in baseball last year and then have such a good record this year with just about the same exact team as last year. I would think maybe they would have shown sighs last year with finishing the year with a least a .500 record, but who knows. I hope the Twins fall flat on their faces. "and fall flat on that damn, horrific dump they play in" Whats that old saying, "the roaches check in, but they don't check out." In this case, they do check out. Even roaches have taste.
I'm off to the airport to board a plane to Orlando, Florida. Won't be back for awhile. It's been Fun!
I'm out
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BTW, I had a great time at Orlando.
Nostrodomus? NAH.... :)