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10-11-2004, 04:52 AM
(This was written by my friend Mustang Ron.)

Cubs 2004

The Cubs thought they were in the playoffs,
They thought they were great,
But, as usual, they choked again,
and lost 7 out of 8

Could they have won the pennant?
It's really hard to say
They'd probably be the champions
if they'd play Pittsburgh every day

The Cubs lack lots of character
They really have no class
It was great when the Mets and Reds
beat them and kicked their ass

The Cub fans were stunned
They couldn't believe their eyes
But to all of us who know them
This wasn't a big surprise

For the Cubs not to win the pennant
it really was quite absurd
The weirdest thing of all, however
is they finished a dismal third

Your fans were really fired up
and now all they do is sob
They should give up their season tickets
and go out and get a job

Sammy's home run hop is stupid
It's something opponents really hate
His throws are closer to the dugout
then they are to home plate

The Cubs have some players
that fans just love to boo
They have babies like Zambrano
and idiots like Alou

When LaTroy went after an umpire
He thought he was a man
Farnsworth went on the disabled list
for kicking an electric fan

Prior and Wood are idolized
You think they're Hall of Fame?
The wimps could only win
a measly total of 12 games

When Nomar came from Boston
pennant fever you could feel
But he played very sparingly
nursing his Achilles heel

The Cubs always have excuses
They look for someone to rip
So why not choose the announcers
Blame it on Stone or Chip

You have the most selfish players
It's really not a good sign
When things don't go your way
all you do is whine!

Baker needs to think this winter
and try and figure it out
He needs to do more than sit in the dugout
with a toothpick in his mouth

You had the most talent
to win it all it would seem
But the ones who win championships
They play like a team

If you've been to Wrigley Field
Be lucky you're not dead
From being hit with falling concrete
landing on your head

So it's not Steve Bartman
or even the goat you should fear
Just have all your whiney players
go and look in the mirror

10-11-2004, 12:24 PM


That. Was. Excellent.

The funny thing is everything in that poem is 100% true. Like my GF (i always mention her)'s dad is a HUGE cubbie fan and he doesnt even work :?: .I asked her, how do you live?? Her response: "I dunno..he used to work...":?: :?: Both of my parents work..so i dont see how that works...anywho great poem im gunna print it out make a few copies and give them to some people. Thanks alot! :bandance:

10-11-2004, 05:42 PM
That was great.
:) :) :) :) :)