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10-03-2004, 04:41 PM
First of all, this was my first full-season keeping up with WSI. Thank you all for making the season fun to keep up with. I started following along in August last year, and I finally joined in July this year.

Does anybody happen to know the record of the second-half 2003 Sox and first-half 2004 Sox? Cause that was a good team. Curiously one that included a half-season of Everett/Alomar.

Billy Koch. I almost completely forget about the fact that he was our closer for the first couple months of this season. And it all started with that meltdown at KC on opening day.

The fifth place Royals. Weren't they supposed to give us a run for our money this year? After we swept them at home in early April, I thought we were on our way to a great season. Turns out the Royals were just a bust.

The fourth place Tigers. I remember all that talk at the break about how we needed to worry about the Tigers. Even though we got beat pretty badly by the Twins, the Tigers also gave us a good butt-kicking. Jerks.

The third place Indians. We didn't play well against this team either. They were hot for a couple months in the middle of the season and played well against us. I'm not sure who won the season series, I think we did, but this is a good young team. Beware.

The first place Twins. Gotta hand it to them for taking care of business... again. After we took the first 7 of 9 from them (6 at the Metrodome), I thought this was our year. Then we proceeded to lose 7 of the last 9 (4 at the Cell).

Frank and Maggs. Devastating.

Rowand and Uribe. Arguably the reasons we finished above .500.

Ben Davis was hot for what, a few weeks? What happened?

Gload impressed me the last month or so of the season, with all that playing time at first base. Does this hint at a Konerko trade? I'd hate to see Paulie go, he had a very good year... so we'll see. I'm still not sold on Gload's defense.

Fifth starter. Grilli showed flashes of brilliance surrounded by outbursts of atrociousness. Buehrle, Garcia, Contreras, Garland, ???.

Diaz. Did much better in the bullpen than starting. Keep him there.

Takatsu. Certainly seemed to get worse as the last couple months of the season rolled on. Although he was dominant and a nice change of pace from the heart-attack inducing Koch for awhile, I'm still not sold. I'd be very happy if we could snag a big name closer and keep Marte and Takatsu as strong set-up guys. Then again, how many great closers are there right now? Not many.

Short-stop. Seems like we've got three guys who can play this position. I've always liked Jose, but it doesn't seem like he'll be back. Uribe or Valdez? Who knows.

Willie. I wonder what was going on with him getting a bunch of time at center field in the last week or so. Rowand is our center-fielder.

The Joes. They both came on a bit toward the end, but they need to pick it up. I almost have more faith in Borchard picking it up than Crede. Crede's had a few full seasons in the majors and hasn't broken out. Borchard, meanwhile, has seen very little playing time until the second half this year, and while is July and August were pretty bad, his September showed him getting much better.

2005 position predictions I'm confident about:
C: Burke/Davis
1B: ?
2B: ?
3B: ?
SS: ?
LF: ?
CF: Rowand
RF: ?
DH: Thomas