View Full Version : Cubs coming down with acute case of "Soxitus?"

10-01-2004, 11:38 AM
Don't the following criticisms of the Cubs sound eerily familiar?

Paul Sullivan

“The all-or-nothing offense could not revert to small-ball mode when it mattered. Patterson came into the game with only five sacrifice bunts, still more than anyone on the active roster. He also had a team-leading 14 bunt hits.”

Jay Marriotti

“The Cubs don't deserve to make the playoffs. They are flawed, dysfunctional and unworthy of October. They can't execute fundamentals, can't win one-run games and really don't know how to play ball. A billy goat is laughing his tail off.”

Rick Morrisey

“If you live by a swing-from-your-heels, never-mind-the-count, check-out-these-biceps mentality, you're going to die by it. What's being called an unfortunate power outage by the Cubs is actually a regular shutdown of the system. It just so happens it's occurring at a time when they need the electricity the most. No juice? No shock here.”

I point these quotes out because to me they offer validation to the argument that simply acquiring some "big name" players (Derek Lee, Nomar Garciappara, Greg Maddux, LaTroy Hawkins) does not automatically translate into a guaranteed trip to the playoffs. It almost appears that the Cubs are morphing into the Sox in that their offense is wildly inconsistent and one-dimensional.

While most of this is about the Cubs, my intent is to make the case that in order to have a successful offseason, the Sox don't need to go out and get one or a combination of the Carlos Beltrans, Nomar Garciapparras or Jason Kendalls (pipe dream anyway). The Sox need one more quality starter, one or two effective bullpen arms and position players who can execute fundamentals on a consistent basis. I don't think our position players need a complete overhaul, but some changes are probably required.