View Full Version : MLB schedulings

10-01-2004, 11:31 AM
You know, for all of the complaining about Baseball scheduling for the year 2004 by the majority of baseball fans, this really has turned out to be a great end to the season.

Sure it sucks for ESPN because they don't have closing games of Boston/New York, but that was just a week ago. It sucks the Cubs don't play the Cards late, but man there's a great story in them playing the Braves. The way Cubs fans humiliated the Braves in the postseason with that tomahawk mock, I hope the Braves stick it to the Cubs' playoff hopes.

Now we have Dodgers/Giants duking it out for division AND wildcard spots. Anaheim's +130 mil vs. Oakland's moneyball philosophy for a playoff spot/division title. I love this weekend, there's some GREEAT baseball afoot, even w/o our beloved White Sox in the race.