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09-30-2004, 11:56 PM
Man, looking at our (near) final stats, you would think it was a banner year. But it was a lot of second half resurgances or September heat ups.

Uribe .282 23 74 .325 .508 -- damn good for a middle infielder...no one even heard of this guy...kudos to KW
Rowand .312 23 68 .363 .544 -- highest on the team..proved everyone wrong including me. You got yourself a starting job. Keep it up and no more dirt bikes.
Lee .309 31 99 .371 .532 -- slow start but a really good year. Only 84 SO
Konerko .280 41 115 -- Great power season. Hopefully makes him attractive for possible trades.
Gload .323 7 43 .378 oba -- fantastic utility job. With those numbers, you can't help but think near full-time for him next year. Maybe get a Daubach type to platoon with him in the event of a Konerko trade. Which is NOT the subject of this thread.

Buehrle 16-10 3.89 -- Outstanding. Worst pitcher's park in baseball, great numbers however for ANY park. Where are his critics now?
Garcia 13-11 3.81 -- Came here well under .500, did what he was supposed to do with us.
Takatsu 6-2 2.39 18/19sv -- Not much expected, a lot in return. Great pickup by KW. Does he have another in him?

I just want to thank the above players for having great years and doing what it takes to make the playoffs. Unfortunately they didn't have enough support, but you can't blame them. They did their part.

Thanks guys...

Ya dad gum right...

Lip Man 1
10-01-2004, 12:22 PM
To paraphrase Ozzie's comment from a few weeks ago, 'Except for two or three guys, their stats always look great. They just never win anything...'


Foulke You
10-01-2004, 12:39 PM
However, you can't help but think of "what could have been" if you added a Frank Thomas season of .280 35HR 100RBI and a Magglio season of .315 38HR 110 RBI into the mix with the kind of offensive performances we got out of Rowand and Konerko this year...could've been a scary offense. We matched our HR record from last year WITHOUT our two best hitters. Perhaps that extra offensive boost would have been enough to keep the Sox in the AL Central race and possibly win it. We'll never really know.:(: