View Full Version : I'd like to know why Jaime Burke.....

09-24-2004, 02:45 PM
was allowed to bunt down the first base line in the ninth inning, with men on first and second and the first baseman playing way in and crashing. After failing to get the bunt down on his first attempt, and clearly trying to lay it down the first base line, he was successful in getting it down on his second attempt but unsuccessful in advancing the runners as Uribe was forced at third. Hawk and DJ saw it coming and it was obvious to any one with any baseball knowledge that this was fundamentally incorrect. I wonder why after his first unsuccessful attempt somebody like Joey Cora didn't give him some instruction. He was pinch hitting for Davis and obviously called upon knowing the bunt was on. If the guy is uncomfortable bunting down the third base side some one else should have been sent up there (like Timo Perez). "Ozzie ball" or small ball or whatever has to start with Ozzie and I get bothered when I see blatantly stupid stuff like that even in Little League, let alone the majors. Fortunately it didn't effect the outcome in the end.

09-24-2004, 02:50 PM
I agree, Cora should have called him over and told him to try and get it down the 3B line...I mean techniquely even if he failed there would have been runners on 1st and 2nd still -- like it was after his pitiful bunt.

The one thing I can think of is that, trying to lay down a bunt as a righthander is so much easier to push it towards 1B. Probably why Burke did this. Pulling a bunt is very difficult with heat coming right at you.

Anyway, with the smallball attitude this should have been dealt with throughout the spring training and year...but Ozzie failed in that apsect.

09-25-2004, 12:05 AM
I spent the "L" ride to our car explaining the importance of bunting to my girlfriend. I do not understand how a Major Leaguer can not lay down a decent bunt. Secondly, *** is wrong with the coaching staff if they do not know who to pull off the bench in those situations.

Then the 3 run shot, and all is forgotten.