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09-17-2004, 02:59 PM
Yesterday evening was quite an eventful evening on many fronts. Parked the car across the street at Huberts, a local pub. As I was walking in to get some food, there were about 4 ticket scalpers there, and they saw my sox hat and Jacket and knew I needed a ticket. These guys had stacks of tickets, looking like they just printed them up. One guy wanted $35 face value for tix.
I asked him why would I pay him $35 when I could go across the street and get them for the same price. He said "you cant get these same tickets" and then muttered a profanity to me under his breath. I laughed at him and asked him to repeat what he said ....... He was kind of a jerk, and said " Go back to Chicago" I laughed at him and then he said ..... "You guys are just like your OWNER ...TOO CHEAP!" I laughed Hard and said your RIght, Our owner is cheap DumbAss and the Twins are Lucky we didnt go out and Spend Money or He'd have a Ton more tickets to sell. Being the Jerk he was, he continued on and said "were filling our ballpark, what about you guys? you get 8,000 people to watch a game" I replied, "that was the Marlins & Expos, get your teams right, dont believe what you Read in the Media". He then replied "why dont you go stab somebody at your park"
to which I had to reply "no .......your mistaking Wrigley Field for our park, Carjackings, Murders, Assaults happen over there all the time, The Tribune just doesnt report it to you" "whatever man" was his response "Go home with your Cheap team and watch us in the Playoffs" "Cheap huh? Wheres Mark Prior these days huh? The guy WOULDVE taken you to the World Series last year, and you guys would be building a Nice New Stadium instead of looking at this Dump (I point to the Metrodome) because Your TEAM was TOO CHEAP" A couple of the guys smiled at that comment, and didnt get a response from him. :smile:

09-17-2004, 03:06 PM
You need to leave those poor people alone. They don't have much to do up there other than freeze. The Dome is a dump, and they serve bad hot dogs.

Go Sox!

09-17-2004, 03:18 PM
It's a terrible baseball stadium but it's an excellent football facility. I've been to a couple of Vikings games before and the place is absouletly electric...it's so bad your ears almost bleed. Three hours of GnR music, the Viking horn, and a Norseman on a snowmobile can really drain you...

MLB.com mentioned they are bringing their Homer Hankies back for these playoffs again. Hangar18, will you be grabbing one before you head back?

09-17-2004, 03:23 PM
While Inside Huberts, I ran into a couple of sox fans. One guy Theo from the Southside of chicago, (went to hs in carol stream) now lives in StPaul and mentioned that hes wanting to get a tryout with the Timberwolves. I wished him good luck. We went inside to watch the SOX take BP. Juan Uribe, wearing his Sweatshirt was taking balls at 1B, which I laughed and thought, Hey thats not Konerko. I yelled HEY JUAN, and he looked up at me, and threw a baseball right to me, so that was pretty cool. Also got a ball in the 9th from Mansoo Lee. I told him how our LF section loves him, and he said he knew that and was appreciative. I told him how in the offseason, we thought he wasnt coming back, and that we liked him and he was pretty cool and glad to hear that. But during BP, we saw Shingo and trying to use some of the Japanese ive learned to chat with him, I instead made his Interpreter smile and wave by saying "hello, excuse me, may I have your attention" is what it translated to. But also to my left, a couple of Japanese fans noticed my words, and I said hello to them. Sugura and Masa were from Narita Japan, and are big Shingo Fans. They said they took a little vacation to see the White Sox and Shingo and are very proud of him and his accomplishments. The spoke with the interpreter for a bit, and I asked how they watched the SOX from over there. They laughed and said sometimes they have to watch the game in the morning, despite the fact its one day later. SO at 9am saturday morning, theyre watching the SOX playing a 7pm nite game. It was funny them trying in their best english possible, explain this to me. They said that theyve been watching the SOX as much as possible and have now become fans of the team, but noted "there are many weaknesses on team" and "they must address weaknesses on team in offseason". I told them we have a Stupid Owner who doesnt REalize what a blessing it is to have SHINGO on the team, and we should be Marketing ourselves BETTER to Japanese fans like them.
They told me they really a player, and Masa and Sugura looked at each other, as if to make sure they were in agreement for some reason, before I realized they were worried about how to pronounce the name ....."I like also very much ....... infield position ........KUH NUHR ....Co ..is right?" I laughed and said Oh Paulie KONERKO and they watched the way I prounounced his name and we had a pretty funny laugh. They were great guys and I told them to stay in touch and come visit Chicago again. Masa is the one who Loves Paulie " he is very important, position player" and I told him that if He emailed me with his Address, that I have an Extra Paul Konerko Bobblehead and Id give it to him. "Bobble head?" he asked inquisitively, and I said it was a little miniature doll of the player and the head bobs and he laughed and said then he knew and couldnt believe he forgot what that meant. He
thanked me a few times and told him he had to Spread the SOX Gospel in Japan in exchange for the Bobblehead. Sugura and Masa laughed at my reqest and said they would honor my request. Very polite and nice guys ....... It was too bad they didnt go to Huberts after the game with us.

During the game, Twink fans were a bit more rude and boisterous than I remembered previously, probably because they knew the were going to WHIP us again ..... and sure enough the did. It wasnt even hard to sit thru the game ........ I laughed at all the hits ........and predicted Garlands big inning again. but I kept getting pelted with stuff thru the 6th and then got Tired of it and yelled at the section to Throw things while Im Looking, to which they didnt heh heh, and people yelled sit down, go back to Chicago.
But just as I sat down, I looked back and saw the punks who were throwing stuff. Their EYES were glazed in surprise at now having been caught.
An usher walked up and said "point the guy out for me, i'll go get him" but I told him Nahhh, forget it, im the foreigner in the stadium, I could deal with it. and the Usher left the guys alone, however the Ice and Food stopped coming down...it was funny, I walked up for a Beer and I Smiled mischeviously at the group and Blew them a Kiss mockingly, and got a laugh from the section, kind of defusing the whole thing, so that was funny actually.

09-17-2004, 03:49 PM
Best part of the game, was when it was over ... heh heh. I waited for the crowds to thin out and had walked over by the SOX dugout. I noticed a redsox fan just sitting by himself. I asked why the Bosox cap, said he just moved to Minny on bizness and that he liked watching baseball, even if it wasnt his redsox. I thought that was cool and invited him to the bar and he said he didnt know many people yet so came along. At this point, someone yells loudly......standing in a section over by 3B, and im behind home Plate
"Hangar 18?!!!??"
I look over thinking who could possibly know my name in this warehouse of a ballpark. I looked over and a guy in a Pirates hat, middle aged gentleman
smiled and said "are you hangar18?" I yelled yeah ..... and he Laughed and said he'd been looking for me the last 2 nites at the park with his binoculars.
I laughed and asked why he didnt just ask for me on the PA system.
Tim was his name and is a Pirates fan, but lurks on our board religiously.
He said he loves the banter and the arguments and the wisecracks of us here. He said he loves checking in and named a number of his favorite posters and remembers the arguments, the threads, the wisecracks. It was funny to hear him detail things that I remembered. He said he checked out the galleries and knew what some of us looked like and had an idea who I was. It was funny him naming a bunch of us, like Voodoo and Wilkes, "that duke guy" (dorwood and he siad yeah him) and Mr Crawdad (i mentioned how someone here misspelled his name and ever since, ive been calling him Cradwad heh heh)
and what he thought of us "is that randar guy always mad" I laughed and said Yeah, I think he is and we laughed. We agreed we like Randars baseball knowledge.

He mentioned at least 12 names and I told him how ive met a number of guys even from the West Coast. I wish I could remember all the names he mentioned but Id chime in ...YEah I know that guy...or Yeah, I drink beer with him etc etc. He asked If I ever met any of us ...... and told him YES, Ive met a number of you guys and then he asks ..."how about PHG, the leader?" I said surely, ive met him twice and he mentioned it as if PHG may not be real, kind of like Charlie from Charlies Angels. "No ...hes a real person, ive met the guy a couple times, nice guy"
and he was so in awe of not just meeting me, but of our site and our personalities and had very nice things to say about the site. I told him stop lurking and post, but said he would sometime.
by now, weve collected about 5 or 6 people, A sox fan from earlier in the day, the BoSox fan, the Pirates Lurker. Across the street, some more sox fans who werent there earlier were at a table, and we all immediately, like some twisted fraternity simply because we were all wearing SOX Gear, all commisserated and began griping and bitching about the game/team.
I was chatting with the bartender when I overheard Tim the Pirate Lurker
say "whitesoxinteractive ....yeah...that guy right there is hangar18 from whitesoxinteractive" and once again....more accolades on the site and
great fun at a bar in Minneapolis, 500 miles from home was all SOX TALK.
Of course, so some Twink fans join in the conversation and it was a blast last nite, I kept jumping from conversation to conversation. Best was a couple guys sitting by themselves and one of the group came over and said "hey, that guy there said hes heard of Whitesoxinteractive" and when I went to introduce myself, he said I know who you are, and introduced himself as
Scott Gregor. I laughed and said Hey, I know who you are too. Scott introduced the guy Sitting wtih him as Doug Padilla of the Sun-Times. I laughed and said HEY DO YOU KNOW MIKE KILEY? he laughed and said yes,
and I told him to tell him HANGAR18 thinks hes a mockery to journalists.
We stayed there the whole eveing til they threw us out ....... Fun to tell
the journalists what I thought of the Chicago Media and Padilla agreed but said to not get worked up, to let the media do what theyre doing, it would all even out. I told him I blamed a lot of the nonsensical perceptions of the SOX on bad media reporting. At this point, we were all pretty trashed and they probably laughed at a bunch of SOX fans moaning and groaning about the team, Crede not hitting, hating Reinsdorf, Missed division titles, lack of situational hitting, ozzies lineups, why koch sucked,
the RedSox. A fun and great nite for a few hours to just talk baseball ...
like a bad roundtable discussion, with lots of b:gulp:

Padilla and Gregor were very nice and was very nice of them to talk baseball
with us, so thanks both of you, when you read this.

09-17-2004, 09:03 PM
Hangar! our ambassador of Soxdom, Have you ever thought of running for office at all?:smile:

09-17-2004, 09:09 PM
http://www.whitesoxinteractive.com/daver/hangarwilkessmall.jpgHangar! our ambassador of Soxdom, Have you ever thought of running for office at all?:smile:
You bet he has. I remain confident even in this dark hour that my running mate will do whatever it takes to keep Chicago, and the nation, in Sox black instead of Cubbie blue.

09-17-2004, 09:29 PM
You bet he has. I remain confident even in this dark hour that my running mate will do whatever it takes to keep Chicago, and the nation, in Sox black instead of Cubbie blue.
I'll campaign door to door for ya guys, heck i've done my share of converting several people into Sox fans out here in Colorado. Perhaps if I can get away more next summer, i'll get to meet you guys at the Cell. I was only able to catch 3 games this year but I found myself wondering at games now, who here is a poster a WSI. Anyway keep spreadin the good word! Go Sox