View Full Version : Headline / Quote Of The Day 9/17

Lip Man 1
09-17-2004, 12:14 PM
From the Sun-Times:

"Typical Garland, same old Sox "

"I wouldn't change a thing..." (Jon Garland talking about his 4 run 3rd inning.) to Doug Padilla.

Garland seems almost as arrogant as the Sox owner. With that attitude his won/lost record is never going to change either.


09-17-2004, 02:29 PM
If this was softball all his teammates would be hoping that opposing teams would shoot the middle and ring his bell. What a jag.

Foulke You
09-17-2004, 03:20 PM
Yeah, I'm tired of old Jonny Boy. I think it is time to jettison that attitude next year.

09-17-2004, 03:33 PM
Trade Garland already...I've been waiting for his "turnaround season" for about three years now. He is not good...hopefully we can lie to another team and get a decent player for him.

09-17-2004, 03:36 PM
We're stuck with Garland for at least another season. Probably as our "fifth starter", a phrase I'm starting to dread...:o:

09-17-2004, 03:46 PM
.................should've traded him for Jose Guillen last year..................