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09-16-2004, 07:49 AM
This isn't a Sox-related props, but as a service veteran, I've got to give my regards to SportsCenter for broadcasting from a base in Kuwait in front of hundreds of enthusiastic and highly-motivated Army soldiers serving there. When I was stationed in Korea back in 1992, Paula Abdul visited us near where I was based, and that was a very big boost to troops. And just like back then, the soldiers were really into what's going on.

Solders were involved with SportsCenter, including a 1st Lieutenant squaring off with Sean Salisbury in the "Pretender/Contender" segment, and the "Lewie" was very knowledgeable against Salisbury. Also, there were videotaped segments where soldiers helped show how Randy Moss and Terrel Owens could be beaten in next Monday night's Vikings/Eagles game. They even showed highlights of a flag football championship game between a couple of bases in the area, with the base hosting the show winning on a controversial TD (one of the receiver's feet was out of bounds, and the other foot looked like it was on the line...the ref gave the score).

Bernie Mac was on the "Budweiser Hot Seat", and he said he could get a hit off Kerry "Woods", Greg Maddux, and other top pitchers (he said the balls would be foul, but he wasn't asked where the balls would be hit). He also told Dan Patrick being a Chicago sports fan is "awful" because if Chicago fans had the intelligence of New York fans, they wouldn't tolerate teams (none specifically named) putting bad products on the field/court/ice. Finally, he said he'd win an Academy Award before the Cubs would win a World Series. And wouldn't you know it, when the soldiers learned the segment was sponsored by Budweiser, they let out a huge cheer (are we surprized?)

Seeing the troops having a good time really touched my heart...being a vet brings back memories of organizations like the USO coming to where we were to bring a little taste of home to us. Unless you either are a soldier, or you were one, you'll never really appreciate just how much it means to us when someone from home comed to entertain us...there's a lot of monotony and mundaneness in being stationed overseas, and anything that brings a smile to our faces is higly appreciated.

Thanks, ESPN...say what you will about the East Coast/Cubbie & Red Sox bias, but I'll give the Bristol, Connecticut-based network it's due. The soldiers deserve it...they deserve anything we can give them. They're the reason why we're free, and can enjoy the priveleges and perks of living in a free country. You don't have to like the war, but you'd better show vets and currents servicemembers their respect...if it weren't for them, how free would you be?