View Full Version : Educating the Minds: Craig WIlson and Mark Johnson

10-06-2001, 03:28 PM
There are 3 Mark Johnsons and 3 Craig Wilson, some people have confused a couple of them so I will attempt to explain who each one is.

Craig Wilson #1-Back-up IF played witht eh Cardinals in 92-93 RETIRED

Craig Wilson #2-Back-up IF played with Sox in 99-00, better than Graffanino. Signed with Royals this year, had a MONSTER year at AAA, and never got called up, someone needs to give him a break.

Craig Wilson #3-24 year-old PROSPECT for the Pirates, who in limited time was able to break the career pinch-hit HR record formely held by Dave Hansen of the Dodgers. This Wilson cand play C and 1B and would put perform Kevin Young but YOung is being payed 7 mil per yer to hit .215. We think we got it bad with Royce, give me a break.

The Johnsons-

Mark Johnson #1-30 year old pinch hitter with the Mets, formerly with the Pirates, could've outperformed Kevin Young, sound familiar? Spent 2 seasons in Japan

Mark Johnson #2-26 year old Catcher with Sox, our most patient hitter and best catching option, he better start next year.

Mark Johnson #3-25 year old pitcher in the Tigers? minor league system, has played parts of 3 seasons in the majors with the Tigers and Astros never quite breaking out like predicted. Former number 1 pick of the Astros in 1996.

10-06-2001, 03:42 PM
and espn keeps thinking that MJ #3 is our MJ