View Full Version : Twinkies series

10-04-2001, 09:01 AM
I'm pissed, it's the last full baseball weekend of the year, and I'm heading out to Vegas. Anyways, here's my thoughts on the last series of the season for these two teams.

The Sox get the Twinkies without their uber-shortstop Guzman. He dislocated his shoulder sliding into first base... The Twiks record without Guzman is something aroud 7-34 this year. Also, Mientkiewicz is out with some sort of wrist problem.

I think that the Sox avoid their killer Joe Mays, because he's pitching tonight at Detroit. But no fear, Denny Hocking will replace Guzman at SS. Ortiz or LeCroy will play 1st.

The Twinks really screwed themselves by trading away Lawton. Regardless of all the off-the-field reasons, (they didn't think they could resign him, and they didn't think he deserves the $$ that he will resign for) they really missed his bat. That trade and the Guzman injury destroyed their season (well, and the fact that they couldn't beat Cleveland, Seattle and Tampa Bay).

I don't know how these two teams will play each other. The Twins have had all the breaks this year, from cheap hits, to missed flyballs, to the ball skipping off bats lying in foul territory. So that might motivate the Sox, but both teams want to "finish strong going into next season". I hate that phrase. I want this season back... oh well, sour grapes.

enjoy the series! see you all next week sometime.