View Full Version : Swept

10-04-2001, 08:59 AM
This just popped in my head right now..We got our butts swept. Jeez, what the hell..Not only does that put a damper on us getting 2nd place, it puts a damper of us catching the damn sCrubs. I wanted to get with in a game of their record to show them what abunch of losers their team was. The sCrus wh had the best record in the NL, had a sizable lead in their division, added players like McSuck, Weathers, Tucker, and Deshields, while all we did was go as far down as anybody can get in 15 games under, lost a player every other week it seems, and played with one of the youngest teams in baseball, and still are close to their record.

Now we have to sweep the Twinkies like the little bitches they are and just end the damn season on a good note. That would give us 85 wins which sucks big time, but is better than any of us would've ever thought back in April in May. I just hope we finish better than the Twinks. The team that singled handly ruined our season. 3 games left... And its wait till next year, again