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Lip Man 1
08-24-2004, 10:27 PM
This Date In Sox History 8/25 :happybday

Well since today is my birthday I decided to do something a little different (with respects to Monty Python!)

First off I wondered what the Sox record was on my birthday...turns out the Sox have 25 wins, 19 losses with eight years where they didnít play. There were four years when the Sox played a double header. The record in those were two sweeps and two splits. Overall not bad...

Now to the specific results.

8-25-59: Sox 5, Bost. 4 (10) - On my 4th birthday and on the same day that Ted Kluszewski joined the club the Sox scored two in the 9th to tie and won in extra innings. Billy Goodman doubled with two out in the 10th to score Sherm Lollar. The Sox were an incredible 30-8 in one run games! Dick Donovan got the win. The Sox were 75-48 and led the league by two games.

8-25-77: Sox 6 @ Balt. 4 - On my 22nd birthday, Wayne Nordhagen blasted two home runs and drove in four RBIís. Dave Hamilton got the win, Lerrin LaGrow notched his 20th save. The Sox were 70-54 and trailed Kansas City by three.

8-25-81: Sox 5 @ Milw. 1 - On my 26th birthday, the story was Dennis Lamp. Dennis took a no hitter into the 9th inning. Robin Yount ended it by leading off the inning with a soft bloop double to left center field. Lamp settled for a complete game one hitter. The Sox were 40-28.

8-25-82: Sox 5 @ Cleve. 1 - On my 27th birthday, the Sox got four in the first and went on to the win. Steve Kemp had three RBIís on the night. Rich Dotson got the win and ĎSparkyí Lyle got his first ever Sox save. The Sox were 66-59 and six behind the Angels.

8-25-90: Calif. 3, Sox 2 - On my 35th birthday Bobby Thigpen served up a two out, three run home run to Lee Stevens as the Sox bullpen faltered for one of the rare times in 1990. That loss was crucial because it started the Sox on a five game losing streak which ended any chances that they had of catching Oakland. Iíll never forget checking the wire machine one final time at KNOE-TV before heading out to do the sports and I saw the score come across. Talk about a cold slap in the face! Sox record was 73-51, five game behind the Aís.


mike squires
08-24-2004, 10:42 PM
I'm pretty sure I was listening to the Stevens homerun on the radio. I've got the footage of Johnson just hanging on the wall in centerfield with Thiggy standing on the mound in disbelief. One of the rare times they got to him in the 9th.

I remember blasting the radio when something good happened so my Dad could hear it downstairs.

THe radio was at a very low volume on this particular night.

mike squires
08-24-2004, 10:44 PM
Happy Birthday by the way Lip.