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08-22-2004, 03:33 PM
As most of you know, quite a few members of the mainstream media visit WSI. In the interest of fairness I'm summarizing the main points I received in a private email from Bob Vanderberg. In addition to being a sportswriter for the Chicago Tribune, he has written 3 excellent books about the Sox and is long-time devoted Sox Fan:

Sox: From Lane to Fain and Zisk to Fisk,
Minnie & the Mick: The Go-Go Sox Challenge the Fabled Yankee Dynasty, 1951-1964, and
'59, Summer of the Sox.

I own all three of them and recommend them highly to all Sox Fans.

I offered to post Bob's entire letter, but he asked for this summary instead. Here are his main points:

1.) Ann Marie Lipinski is not the publisher of the Chicago Tribune newspaper. She is the editor. Her name appears on the editorial page's masthead directly to the right to of the Tribune's publisher, Scott C. Smith. No names appear above either Scott's or Ann Marie's.

2.) Bob has known and shared a friendship with Tribune reporter Gary Washburn since the early-70's when he first started on the City News desk at the Tribune and Gary was already a "veteran" of several years. Bob notes that Gary hales from the South Side (Beverly?) and shares a great rooting interest for the Sox.

3.) Bob notes that he personally has written several noteworthy features about the Sox inside the Tribune's sports pages, including ones about Bob Powell (the Sox's own Moonlight Graham), and Billy Pierce, and many others, too. It was another Sox Fan, Tribune sports editor Dan McGrath, who got the Powell piece published on the main page. Bob rightly notes these Sox features stand far above the Sox coverage anybody else in town is offering Sox Fans. Bob wonders how many of the Sox Fans here even know about these features he has written and the Tribune sports desk has published. As someone who subscribes to and reads the Tribune sports, I can personally vouch for the thorough and exceptional nature of all of these features.

I'm glad Bob Vanderberg bothered to write me, and I'm pleased this forum permits all interested parties to be heard fully in an unedited manner.

08-22-2004, 03:57 PM
Bob wonders how many of the Sox Fans here even know about these features he has written and the Tribune sports desk has published.

Thanks for the heads up, and I am sure that the books are good. That being said, I can say I did not know that since I gave up reading the trib 4 years ago after a 12 year subscription. It was the blatent coverage (or lack there of) of my interests in sports (namely the Sox and Illini). It was also about this time that Bernie Lincicome and Skip Bayless left (and with them any creative thought in that publication). Not saying that they were always right, but I always appreciated their thoughts as something to think about. Then this year when the trib choose not to but certain incidents that were news on the front page, it just re-affirmed my notion that the publication was not newsworthy anymore. Sorry if I turned this into Parking Lot material, but I just choose to try to find more non-biased source for news that lets me decide what is and what is not important (and that truly is getting harder every day.).

08-22-2004, 04:35 PM
Indeed; I have foresworn the Tribune (as well as other related things, such as WGN -- I refuse to watch even Sox games broadcast on WGN), so I cannot judge the worthiness of his articles.

I can, however, say this; there certainly was a bias, and, from what I hear, it has only increased, and one or two features isn't going to make that go away. Moreover, even if there were no bias, the fact that the Tribune company owns that other team is more than enough for me to choose not to partake of their products.

Lip Man 1
08-22-2004, 07:04 PM
There are few better Sox fans or Sox historians then Bob, who is also a friend and interview guest of WSI.


08-22-2004, 09:44 PM
he's teh exception that proves the rule... the latest distortions prove that