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10-02-2001, 11:07 PM
PHG, I saw this post today and you must read it!!!

"The truth about WSI"
LAST EDITED ON Sep-30-01 AT 11:07 PM (Central)
I should be posting this under DACUBS thread he started and I really hate to be the one to stray from what's the most important thing here (which is the Cubs), but I really didn't want anybody to miss this. If you don't want to hear this, go to the next topic. There's my warning.

1st though, let me say I loved that comment how we were guilty of trolling repeatedly. *****! Ok, now. On to the rest of the story. The only thing Steve and Jason were "guilty" of was being Cub fans on a board full of sewer mouthed idiots who defined the true definition of trolls. The fact that Steve and Jason were the primary admins for the Cubs site at Rivals naturally meant that PantyHoseGeorge and his fellow pre-pubic pee-on's had to go out of their way to incriminate CFS and V in every way possible. PHG will tell you all kinds of stuff that supposedly went on with Rivals concerning the Cubs admin team, which I was very proud to be a part of. But what he doesn't tell you is this:

-On more than occassion, CubFanSteve was impostered on several boards on Rivals, all of which came from PHG's orders.

-WSI had their own Cubs board spy, who was brought on as an admin for their site for that specific purpose. Ian Martin (sellhigh22/Jerry_Manuel) was that spy. PHG even referred to him as "Our Cubs board affilliate."

-PHG had John Logothetis (NSSoxFan/wsiBoardfan) send a profanity-laced e-mail to the CubsNow admin team. After Steve replied and told him that he would see to it that Logothetis' admin access be pulled from WSI for that little stunt, PHG told Logothetis to lie and say that Steve himself had hacked into Logothetis' e-mail address and had sent the e-mail to our own admin address.

-From the moment Dave Marran announced that Steve and Jason would be the main admins for CubsNow, PHG repeatedly had people disguise themselves as Cub fans in order to dig up personal dirt on the Cubs admin team.

-PHG had several of those same trolls post messages on WSI slamming our admin team, even going so far as to say Steve was a racist, homophobic, atheist bigot.

-Even to this day, PHG still tries to get the dirt on this website. Not too long ago, John Logothetis made a visit to the chat room asking all sorts of personal stuff to relay directly back to WSI and PHG himself.

-CubFanSteve showed PHG up twice at Rivals on the Publishers board. CFS was the first one to break the news that Rivals was closing down. When one of the fellow publishers copied Steve's post with the announcement, PHG tried to ratify it and say that Steve shouldn't be trusted, etc. In the end, almost every other publisher came to his (Steve) defense and said they had a great deal of respect for him. When the dust settled, Steve had made a total ass out of PHG among the rest of the baseball publishers on Rivals. This isn't hearsay. Lee Klusky (The Baseball Editor at Rivals) confirmed it.

That's what PHG doesn't want you to here. Instead of telling the whole story, he'd rather feed you lies about what a great set of trolls we all are over here like any normal two-faced Sox fan.

Of course, what he REALLY doesn't want you to hear is that his only knowledge of baseball and the White Sox is sitting on his fat ass drinking beer and telling Cubs jokes at SoxFest every year.

But that's for another date and time.

10-02-2001, 11:16 PM
quotes from the site:

"WSI=White Slobs Interactive"
"PHG is a dumbass"

"Over at WSI, which Orl astutely referred to as White Slobs Interactive, they ask that you please make a contribution to their website (and I use that term very loosely) by ordering some kind of book, and giving them financial support in the process.

Actually, what the dousche bag who owns that site is asking you to do is feed his own worthless pockets with cash, making himself rich slowly but surely. PHG can slam this site and the people who run it all he wants. I don't give a sh*t and I don't think anyone else here does. But one thing I'm very proud of since we left Rivals is that I, nor any of the other admins, never asked any of you for a dime to keep this place up and running. All of the expenses for this group came out of our own pockets here, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We don't believe in asking you, the fans, to contribute to keep us going for something that should be free of charge to you, like WSI does. The reason? We are above that. And we are better than that."

10-02-2001, 11:27 PM
wait, there's more fun:

"By the way, congrats to the Indians!!
On their AL Central title! Man this year has to be KILLING Sux fans! Seeing the Cubs in contention for almost every day this year and then seeing the Indians claim what they convinced themselves was theirs on the first day of the season.
Oh well, there's always second place!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

the cubs are out of contention. the sox beat cle the 1st game of the season. the cubs are in 3rd. complete idiocy.

10-02-2001, 11:30 PM
Hootie, stop linking to these idiots. You've obviously confused me with someone who gives a **** about a Cubs fan site we long ago ended our affiliation with.

You can forget about me commenting on any of this nonsense. I have an entire file on my hard drive filled with saved emails, IP addresses, message board contents, and other evidence proving these people to be categorical liars. I posted this evidence and discussed this topic several times early this summer and won't be dragged into it again.

Why you would bother spending time with these people is beyond me, but if you really need a Cubs trolling fix, I strongly suggest you do it at ESPN or some other site that isn't run by admitted trolls. Besides that, you'll get 100-times the action for your post because (as it turns out) bad writing and trolling other sites isn't much a business model for building a successful fan site with high traffic.

My advice: fish where the fish are.

10-02-2001, 11:40 PM
ok i wont post their sh*t on WSI....you're right it's not worth it. It's just really funny to hear the stupid things they have to say, and I think others would get a laugh out of it. I'll stop wasting my time at that loser site.

BTW, i remember them saying that their site was superior and has better graphics etc.......this proves they're complete morons b/c this site blows them away w/ ease. keep up the good work @ WSI i really appreciate it.

10-02-2001, 11:42 PM
I'm not going to get involved in a "he said, she said" battle. All the events that poster talked about occured while WSI and the Cubs site were on the rivals network. As you can see we are not on the rivals network anymore. The Cubs site is no longer on the rivals network. What's done is done. They have their own site as do we. There is no need to be over there reading what they have to say. If you want to read what Cub fans have to say about their team go to espn.

10-02-2001, 11:51 PM
oh no not this again.

who cares about these losers. i think they talk about WSI all day and i forgot they existed until now. i dont even know what stupid message board they all post at. anyways that cubs fan steve dork lives in like alabama or something and hes been to 1 cubs game.

10-02-2001, 11:54 PM
I'm closing this thread.