View Full Version : Minor league baseball talk on sportsblab radio

08-16-2004, 12:15 PM
I was listening to the local and national idiots talk sports on the am radio the other day (the anny of the strike) and the question that everyone was asking was: Have you gone back/ When did you/ Will you ever? Most of the callers talked about how great minor league baseball is. Hustling players giving it their best playing good fundamental baseball for a low price. I have to agree. I have to watch a Mets AAA team but the price makes it fun as well as the fact that other teams (such as the Sox AAA) come through there all the time. I used to live near the sox AA team and didn't go to all that many games but did attend a few a year. My favorite thing about minor leage baseball is watching the players come up to the bigs and play. I have said it before about being able to watch numerous sox stars of today play in Birmingham and now I get to watch some of the talent going on in AAA. You really can't beat it.