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Lip Man 1
08-13-2004, 11:53 PM
One pretty strange moment...

This Date In Sox History 8/14

8-14-57: Sox 8 at Cleve. 3 - Dick Donovan got the better of future teammate Early Wynn on this day. The Sox moved to 68-43 and trailed New York by four and a half games.

8-14-59: Sox 5 at K.C. 1 - It was Bob Shaw shutting down the Aís as the Sox rolled to their 69th win of the year against 43 losses. The lead in the American League was up to three and a half games.

8-14-60: Sox 9 K.C. 3 AND Sox 7 K.C. 2 - Billy Pierce and Early Wynn handcuffed the Aís in the twin bill for the Sox sweep. The were now tied for the top spot in the American League. The record was 65-47.

8-14-83: Balt. 2 Sox 1- This was a wild game. In the 5th inning Carlton Fisk hit what appeared to be a home run off Scott MacGregor. However home plate umpire Jim Evans overruled 3rd base umpire Greg Kosc and said a fan touched the ball just before it went into the first row of seats and made it a ground rule double. Sox manager Tony LaRussa went ballistic and eventually wound up tearing out third base and throwing it into the Sox dugout before tossing off his hat and kicking the ground everywhere. Naturally he was ejected. The other interesting thing is that replays showed the fan did NOT reach over the wall to get the ball and in fact that same fan called Jimmy Piersallís radio show after the game to explain what he did. Sox record 62-53. By the way for years afterwards LaRussa had a grudge against Evans and vice versa.

8-14-93: Sox 4 K.C. 1. Frank Thomas yanked the momentum away from the Royals the night before and Alex Fernandez finished the job the next day. The win pushed the Sox lead to four and a half over the Royals and made their record 64-52.