View Full Version : Interesting read on Brian Cashman - Loaiza/Contreras trade info

08-13-2004, 01:18 PM

Just before hustling downstairs to the clubhouse to talk to Contreras—whose contract gives him the right to block the deal—Cashman makes another call on his BlackBerry. It’s to one of his best friends in baseball, San Diego Padres general manager Kevin Towers. “What’s up, dude?” Cashman asks, constantly panning for useful information. “I’m talking to the White Sox,” Towers says, “about getting Loaiza and spinning him off to Boston to get us Derek Lowe.”

Uh-oh. Losing out on Loaiza would be disappointing, but not fatal. Losing him to the Red Sox, on the other hand—in Steinbrenner’s world, that’s a hanging offense. Cashman hangs up, speed-dials Kenny Williams. The White Sox general manager says Contreras remains his first choice. Hmmm.

Contreras signs off on the trade, and with one minute to go before the deadline, Anthony Flynn, a Yankees aide, faxes in the official documents. “Conversation, man, that’s key,” Cashman says. “Just stay communicating; you might get lucky. It’s that old principle: One man’s **** is another man’s ice cream.” Looks as if the Padres wanted Loaiza as well.

08-13-2004, 01:20 PM
wonder who we could of gotten from them?

08-13-2004, 02:00 PM
:XL :bandance: :bandance:

08-13-2004, 02:12 PM
Thank You PADRE's... I've been more than pleased with Contreras!

08-13-2004, 02:13 PM
wonder who we could of gotten from them?
Probably only Brian Giles, Jake Peavy, and Ramon Hernandez....though people would still complain that we gave up too much.

(Did I even have to use teal on that one?)

08-13-2004, 02:16 PM
Sounds to me like Cashman knew he was overpaying for Loaiza but was willing to bite the bullet. I like that.

08-13-2004, 02:23 PM
Sounds to me like Cashman knew he was overpaying for Loaiza but was willing to bite the bullet. I like that.

maybe now the rest of NY is realizing that too.

08-13-2004, 02:33 PM
Boston wanted Loaiza, as the Padres were going to end up with Derek Lowe. I think the Sox would have ended up with Brian Lawrence, although Ramon Hernandez would have been fine too, but KW wanted another starting pitcher.

08-13-2004, 03:38 PM
Quick, somebody tell the Yankees that Boston wants Joe Crede!

Frater Perdurabo
08-13-2004, 03:41 PM
Actually, if KW plays his cards right, he could play up a three-team bidding war for Jose Valentin's services among Boston, New York and the Cubs. By the end of the day he could end up with Mike Mussina on the South Side.

08-13-2004, 03:47 PM
We should all be sending Thank You cards to Kevin Towers.

08-13-2004, 05:58 PM
wonder who we could of gotten from them?It was supposedly Brian Lawrence, although I don't understand why they would want either Loaiza or Lowe for Lawrence. :tongue: