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10-02-2001, 10:23 AM
Well, like I predicted, no Guerrier, but it was nice to see Rowand get some props. The synthesis on Crede is pretty much what we all thought. Very good defensively, but had a hole in his swing that as far as I can tell, was corrected. He has a much shorter swing now than he did in his mid-season call-up. As he grows and hits the weights, he will add more than just warning-track power. Personally, I would project him as a .280-.290, 20-25 HR, and 75-90 RBI type guy 5 years from now, and I'm trying to be conservative with the RBI, as he performs well with runners on and in the clutch...

11 JOE CREDE, 3b
Charlotte Knights (White Sox)
The White Sox have the arms to maintain an American League Central contender for years, and developing more hitters could give them one of the best young teams in the game. Crede, their third baseman of the very near future, and outfielder Aaron Rowand were the best of the bunch at Charlotte this season.

"He has a good arm and I like his makeup," Indianapolis manager Wendell Kim said. "He’s a hard-nosed guy with extra-base power. I think he has a good glove, but young players can alternate between getting too aggressive and waiting too long. He’ll just have to play some more and he’ll have it down."

Crede doesn’t have much speed and his power is just developing, but he has the skills to play solid defense and he has hit for average in the minors.

"I think Crede has a chance to have some power," Tosca said. "He already plays good defense. For me, he’s more of a player who should be at the bottom of a top 10 because his ceiling’s not quite as high.

"There’s a little panic in his swing than some of these other guys. I think he’ll be a guy who really, really has to guard the inner half. And when he does that, the outer half could be trouble."

Charlotte Knights (White Sox)
Rowand made a seamless transition to Triple-A and then the big leagues in 2001. He’s no longer lost in an organization that includes some of the best young pitching in the game and $5.3 million man Joe Borchard.

Rowand hit .292 with flashes of power and speed in his first 58 games with the White Sox. He has a strong arm and could be the center fielder Chicago is looking for, though he spent much of his minor league career in right field.

"He has some pop in his bat, and defensively he looks like he can play all three outfield positions," Evers said. "To me, he’s more of an alley-type power hitter. But he has good instincts in right and seems to know how to play the game."

10-02-2001, 12:02 PM
Hopefully they will be semi-regulars at least next year.