View Full Version : Anyone see around the horn today?

OEO Magglio
08-05-2004, 04:44 PM
In the showdown one of the topics was which team has been a bigger disappointment the Marlins or the Angels. Anyways Mariotti picked the Marlins to be more disappointing, that's fine can't argue with that. However when he was explaining why the Marlins have been a bigger disappointment he mentioned that Miguel Cabrera has been a disappointment this year and he isn't having as good of a year as people thought he would. As of today Cabrera was hitting .310, 22 homers, and 76 rbi's. I guess Mariotti is right, this guy sucks.:rolleyes:

08-06-2004, 12:21 PM
those numbers are terrible for someone 21 years old. anyone could put up those numbers at that age . . . in college or low A ball