View Full Version : Lack of enthusiasm?

07-29-2004, 12:33 PM
i am a die hard sox fan and still believe they will win the division. but as to going deep into the playoffs i am not sure.

it seems to me the whole team just has no energy or excitement. whenever a player hits a homerun, makes a great defensive play, or anything really good they just come in the dugout, get some high fives and sit down. what they really need to be doing is getting pumped up when such things happen. when they come into the dugout they need to be workin to get the other players pumped up off of their good play, not just give lil high fives and then sit down. they need to be pounding fists with enthusiasm, yell and get everyones adrenaline pumping. if they would do that the team would have a lot more positive energy and as a result produce better things and more often. as it is now there is very lil energy. the only time u ever see great energy is with a game winning hit in the bottom of the ninth. thats how it should be when any run is scored or great defensive play is made.

07-29-2004, 02:09 PM
Far too many players play for themselves on this team.

I'll take Rowand, Konerko, Uribe, Burke, Maggs, Buehrle, Loaiza, Garcia, Shingo, Pollite and Marte on my team. You can have the rest.