View Full Version : What Ozzie needs to do...

07-28-2004, 01:45 AM
... is call a postgame meeting with the club, and tear them new cracks. I was at the game today, and they looked absolutely pathetic. The hitting today was pathetic. No patience, whatsoever. I came to expect strikeouts from at least 3 guys in the order (Valentin, Borchard, Uribe). The defense was also pretty bad. Joe Crede should have been charged with two errors, and Borchard looked clueless in right on that double over his head. He gets an even marginal jump on the ball, and that's an out.

In the 7th inning, we had two men on, a load of adrenaline and momentum in our favor, but Crede, Borchard and Uribe just killed whatever opportunity we had in that inning. That was infuriating.

This team absolutely HAS TO CUT DOWN ON K's! Greg Walker, are you reading this? The least they can do is put the ball in play.

I'm just really pissed about what happened tonight. I expect more out of this club.