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07-27-2004, 12:37 AM


Personally, if I was the wizard of OZ, I would come into the clubhouse with that picture and that heading and show all of them what kind of heart and desire and intensity it takes to win the american league central division. I think we are due for a very LONG winning streak, and there is no time like the present.

Come on oz, lets get some fire under our guys' asses. I'm tired of reading all these crappy sky is falling threads. Give us something to be happy about and give us some space in this divisional race. This thing is ours for the taking, and lets use this incident as fuel for the fire that is going to be the sox torching the twins in their next eight games together.

Symbolize that ball as torrii hunters overshaped cheap head and pulverize the crap out of it with a balanced mix of small ball and long ball.

07-27-2004, 09:00 AM
I agree it is time to get pumped!!! They need to Zone em in, the guys looked dazed and confused last night