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09-29-2001, 05:44 AM
I'm up this early in the morning cause i got to take my cousin to the airport and I thought I would go check my message I put bout 5 days ago on the CS.com WS MB and to no surprise at all some Indians fans come up with the smack. I couldn't believe the sh** that they were saying! You have to see it to belive it.

from: INDIAN1582 Sep-26 1:41 p.m.
Sorry to spoil your party, but you won't win the division anytime soon..............and I mean for years to come! Just think if we hadn't had the injuries we had. If we had our WHOLE team healthy all year and your team was healthy all year, we would probably be up by more. And had we not been injured last year we would have gone to the playoffs, after witnessing your playoff performance most would have rather seen us................It sound to me like you are saying that we should be afraid of you ..................................UMMMM YEAH GO SOX, 3rd PLACE IN THE CENTRAL!*
*From:*CHRISTY_F512*Sep-27 9:22 am*To:*FIGHTSOX *"We didn't give it our all"? who is we? What you didn't beg for nickels outside the gate to the best of your abilities? In case you were talking about the white sox, yeah I'm sure they didn't try. That's a nice rip at the team of which you are supposedly a fan. You moron, the indians suck?* Hahahaha, you're right behind us? you are almost ten games back. out in three against the M's??* No that was you guys last year. You took two of four from us because two games is all the Indians needed. Go back to watching that piece of crap one year wonder of a baseball team and shut up.
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*From:*CHRISTY_F512*Sep-27 9:36 am*To:*GASHWOUND You are a total idiot. win by default? like*the sox last year. The tribes injuries last year far surpassed yours this year, and we managed 90 wins. The indians have been doing it for seven years. The sox are a one year wonder, and this year shows it. Oh yeah the twins suck? funny they are what, like 14 and 3 against you? Do us all a favor, stay in the alley with your*cheap booze and leave the library computers to kids doing homework okay?*
*From:*CHRISTY_F512*Sep-27 9:45 am*To:*MAGGS_IS_DA_ *(*maggliiooooooooooooo, what happened to the white sox? hehehehehehehehehe i know injuries right? i'm smiling just so you know. what the hell is up with this font. it will not let me change it? i love you sweety, hehehe hahaha*
*From:*CHRISTY_F512*Sep-27 9:53 am*To:*TWINSFAN5:*Well said twinfan. The twins unlike the blow sox have a future. they are a nice team and i am looking forwards to watching them battle with the tribe next year. Atleast the twins have shown some respect to the older team they are trying to unseat. unlike the blow sox who fell flat on thier big mouths last year. Konerko said it, the sox are the team to beat which I guess is why everyone is beating them.

What are they talking about? You would think they were the A's and we were the Devil rays. They actually think the Indians are....good. Good grief.

09-29-2001, 06:20 AM
Good Lord. The Cleveland Indians were the toilet team in the
AL for what, 34 years? Now they've won a few division titles and
suddenly they're the reincarnation of the Murderer's Row Yan-
kees. Give me a break.