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07-21-2004, 09:34 PM
I's sure I share the same feelings as alot of us here that I really appreciate and enjoy Hanger 18's daily Media Watch updates. Listening to the Morning Cub Show, I heard his e-mail, and was not at all surprised that they just quickly poo-pooed it and continued with the Cub talk. What strikes me as ironic is, that whenever Sox fans complain about the unbalanced media coverage in this town, we are always dismissed as being just jealous, bitter etc. People say things like "Well, show us examples of this", or Murph will say "If you want us to talk Sox, then Sox fans need to call in" even though he doens't need Cub fans to call in to have 3 1/2 hours of Cub talk: Yet, when people DO show documentation of more media coverage for the Cubs than the Sox, such as the Media Watch, etc., these same people stick their noses up and say "What's wrong with you ? Why do you waste your time with such silly stuff. Do you measure the space taken up in the newspapers too ? etc. Surprisingly, I even heard Bernstein say something to that effect today, and I generally like Boers & Bernstein. They can get under my skin sometimes, escpecially with Bernstein's psuedo-intellectualism, but they usually pretty much devote equal time to the Cubs & Sox, (except for the last couple of days, talking about the Cubs meltdowns). Probably the consistent gripe I may have about those guys is that they generally refer to Sox fans as "Self hating Sox Fans", or "Toothless, shirtless dopes who beat up 1st base coaches". In other words, feeding into the "All Sox Fans are Trash" line. Other than that, I usually enjoy their show and find them and their, ummm..."immature" humor funny. But that's just a reflection on me. That's my rant for today.:redneck