View Full Version : 10 GB best thing to happen to Cubs....

07-21-2004, 12:18 PM
Let's be honest, the Cubs losing that game yesterday is the BEST thing that could have happened to the team. If they had won it, all their focus would be on the Cardinals and catching up to them, instead of worrying about the wild card. I had time to watch the first couple of innings, and Chip Carey being the over confident Cub fan that he is (aren't all Cub fans full of themselves? not to mention idiots?), talked about that after they win the game, they'd be 8 games back, and in a "perfect world", with 10 weeks left, they could pick up 1 game a week.

To Chip and all of Cubdom, it's time to focus on San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, Cincinatti, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Florida, and Pittsburgh. It sucks that you have so many teams so close to you right? It's a lot tougher to win the wild card than your own division, and maybe that's why the last 2 World Series Champions have been wild card teams. Because they endure so much at the end point of the season, that they can handle the pressure of having to win almost everyday with fear of 8 other teams gaining ground on you if you lose.

Having said that, the part about being able to handle the pressure, that's where the Cubs are out of the picture. They can't handle anything. Everytime they lose, either a player attacks the umpire or the media; of Dusty Baker attacks the umpire, media, AND the opposing team.

To all the numbnuts out there who are proud to be Cub fans, stand beside your team through these hard times. Ten games back isn't that bad.... nevermind, it is that bad. But hey, maybe next year?