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Viva Magglio
09-27-2001, 09:39 PM
The next White Sox game I attend will be in March at Tucson Electric Park. I already cannot wait for that date, whenever it is, to arrive! I am already anxious to fly to Phoenix and make the drive down I-10 to Tucson, passing the famous ostrich farm along the way. I cannot wait to be sitting in TEP watching us play somebody against the backdrop of the Catalina Mountains (a sight you must see with naked eye to fully appreciate) and Davis Mountain Air Force Base planes flying about. If you have never gone down to Tucson before, I suggest you do so in 2002. Keep the link below in your bookmark. It's still got the "Sping Training 2001" motif, but it will be updated soon I'm sure.

Tuscon Baseball (http://www.tucsonbaseball.com/)

Well, our closing number today was much better than our opening number way back on Opening Day. It was a good solid victory over the Minnesota Twins before an announced 13, 567 (about 6,500 actual). It really was a feel good game today, yet it was sad to see our heroes in person for the last time this season.

Sure, I am disappointed that this was our last game at Comiskey Park this season. Like the rest of you, I was expecting that to come later on in October. However, I liked how we came back since the middle of May. There were times we went through the motions and many games we should have won. Nevertheless, we kept gasping and gasping for breath when we could have just mailed it in at 15 games under. Now, we're 7 games over and could pull within 2 of you know who.

Yes, them. Remebmer all summer when they playing lights out and we sucked? We never heard the end of it from all those fans. They were already deciding what the World Series rotation should be and planning the Grant Park celebration. Yet, we beat them in series not once but twice. When we won the second series, they and their friends in the media all but villified us as scum.

Now, their World Series dream is all but dead. And it is we who have a shot to win more games than they will. How sweet it would be!

09-27-2001, 10:18 PM
I want to head down to ST this year too. Tucson is just a short train ride from SoCal, last year(which is still this year I guess) they had a game on my B-day I wanted to go but school got in the way. But this year my schedule is E-Z so i could miss a Friday take the train down early and catch a saturday game train it back on sunday miss monday back to school on tuesday. It's all worth it for the SOX!