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09-27-2001, 03:49 PM
Well, each day BA is releasing the top 20 prospects from each the minor leagues. Today, they released the list of top 20 for the South Atlantic League, where the Kannapolis Intimidators play. This team started the season with Guillermo Reyes, Casey Rogowski, Dennis Ulacia, Corwin Malone amongst others and ended with Wyatt Allen, Tim Bittner, and Jim Bullard making their marks. Here's who made it from their lists...

Kannapolis Intimidators (White Sox)
Before his promotion to the high Class A Carolina League, Malone stood out among the SALís bumper crop of lefty starters, even while growing up on the mound. He throws three pitches for strikes and showed a nice mix of power and finesse in leading the league in ERA.

"The thing I liked most about him was his competitiveness," Shines said. "He competes no matter what. Just playing catch, heís competing. He always wants the ball with the game on the line."

Maloneís fastball usually clocks in at 93 mph, and his curveball went from a once-in-a-while pitch to a weapon. That translated to a dramatic improve in command. As good as he was in the Sally League, he fared even better in the Carolina League and in Double-A.

Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the AA list as well if he qualified with his # of IP there)

Kannapolis Intimidators (White Sox)
The "other" switch-hitting, super-smooth Dominican shortstop named Reyes, Guillermo was just as steady. He made just 11 errors in 70 games, matching Joseís .964 fielding percentage.

"He was simply the best shortstop in this league," Shines said. "He has exceptionally soft hands out there. Heís very mature and he made all the plays."

Three inches shorter than Jose, Guillermo isnít as imposing at the plate and doesnít have nearly as much pop. Itís unlikely heíll ever hit for power, but he needs to get stronger. Reyes is quick enough with the bat to turn on pitches and significantly improved his plate awareness during the summer.

Casey Rogowski's declining second half didn't do himself any favors. He was voted the best defensive 1B by the coaches and hit for just under .300 with a very high OBP in his first season of full-season baseball. This is one of the most pitcher-friendly leagues in all of baseball as well, so what Casey did should not be overlooked by us...He needs to get in a very good conditioning and lifting program, but he has a super-smooth swing...