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07-17-2004, 01:45 PM
Great sadness and despair in the Chicago Media is replaced by Happiness & Hope as the Media found out that The Messiah doesnt have ligament damage. You can sense the sighs of relief from the media community, from Mike Kiley to Mark Murphy over at the Score. .............. meanwhile, SOX continue to lose to Oakland and Good Pitching (which doesnt bode well should they ever make the playoffs) Stories they couldve done today, were why Ozz continues to let slumping Players bat in key situations. Crede is HORRIBLE right now, and if hes going to play because of his "D", then Willie or Uribe need to be Grabbing some Bench ..........

Also, still no sign of the "FrankWatch" in either paper, nor the obligatory "What-will-sox-do-now" or "Sox-should-inquire-about-____-player" articles.

4 cub stories
3 sox stories
4 cub stories
3 sox stories

Standings since Spring Training ...................
CUBS 1095
SOX 800