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07-12-2004, 07:34 AM
Well, we have a number of games coming up with the Tigers. IMO, Pudge is the MVP YTD. Look at the Tigers record LY compared to TY.

Look at how the Marlins are faring without him. I don't feel that they will make the playoffs with Beckett on the DL much of the year and no stability behind the plate.

LY, a number of conversations centered on the WS obtaining Pudge's rights. Granted, he is expensive ($40MM over 4 years).

Would we be better off with our current lineup, and the following changes to keep us cost neutral?

Ordonez traded for prospects. Borchard at RF.
Pudge at catcher.
Garcia signed to long-term contract for Reed and Olivo.

I would have loved to have seen a Hall of Famer at catcher. We once had one, and despite a bitter divorce, I miss having that caliber of leadership.

Rodriquez is on another level compared to even Fisk. His arm is better than anyone on our team (Pitcher, outfielder, Uribe...), he's a leader, and arguably, the best hitter in the AL. He also is the best baserunner among catchers in the AL.

What do you think?

Frater Perdurabo
07-12-2004, 08:51 AM
I watched Rodriguez for several years in Texas. Although he was loved by Texas fans, the rap on him at the time was that he didn't work with the pitchers. In fact, the Rangers' team ERA decreased markedly when he wasn't catching (injury or off day). Also, some have accused him of calling lots of fastballs with men on first or second to give him a better shot at throwing out a would-be base-stealer.

He is, however, a fearsome hitter. His power numbers have declined somewhat playing in cavernous Comerica, but his average is stellar. At the Cell, his homer totals would increase dramatically, but I'm not sure he would hit as many doubles. Also, his arm does shut down the other team's running game. (How many steals did Tampa Bay and Baltimore have against the Sox this year?)

There was talk in Texas that Rodriguez would have no choice but to move to a less-demanding position as he aged given the fact that he suffered a number of injuries later in his Rangers' career. If he did so, he likely could play another decade. He often wilted in the second half of seasons as he broke down under the stress of catching under such oppressive Texas heat. Detroit's cool weather (like Chicago's) likely would help him last through a full season.

All things being equal, if Maggs leaves due to free agency, Rodriguez would be a good target. However, why would Detroit trade him within the division? If for some reason they would consider trading him, they would demand and extract a king's ransom in return.

Given the choice, I would Jason Kendall because Pittsburgh would demand far less in trade and likely would pick up part of his salary. Kendall also has far less wear on his tires. Kendall's average is not as high this year and he doesn't have as much power, but he's younger and has less of a history of injury. Furthermore, he takes more walks and strikes out less than Rodriguez. His OBP is higher. He fits in better as a #2 hitter (or even leadoff) and would better complement the Sox as presently constructed. He also likely would be better with the Sox pitchers.