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Lip Man 1
07-11-2004, 08:06 PM
Joe Buck, the main FOX sports commentator and Cardinals TV announcer has a weekly column in The Sporting News. I was surprised that he mentioned the Sox in glowing terms in this week’s issue (Page 8). Naturally this was written before Thomas’ situation and I don’t know if he still feels this way but here’s the part where he talks about the Sox...

"The other deal is the Freddy Garcia to the White Sox number. This deal makes all the sense in the world to me. First of all, the White Sox should get credit for adding a pitcher the Yankees definitely wanted. Usually when the Yankees want something, they get it. More important, however, the White Sox asked themselves the question I am sure many of their fans asked themselves: Why not!?! Why not the White Sox in 2004?"

"The world (including all of us at FOX) cannot wait to drool over the Yankees and Red Sox again in the American League, but now the team from the South Side of Chicago, a place that once was home to a man named Leroy Brown, is a legit threat to drive into and through the playoffs."

"That Chicago team can get lost in its own city because of all that talent on the North Side, but come October, if the Cubs don’t figure it out quick, Jerry’s kids (Reinsdorf) will be the ones starring on the ultimate FOX reality show. The White Sox can hit, and they have maintained their standing in the division without Magglio Ordonez in the lineup. He should return soon, and when he does, the Twins will be looking up at Chicago for good in the A.L. Central."

That being said Buck still stands with his preseason pick of Cubs / Red Sox in the World Series.

Senior baseball writer Ken Rosenthal also looks at the second half of the season (starting on page 28) and here’s what he has to say about the A.L. Central Division. (Again this was written before the Thomas situation...)

It will all come together for: "The White Sox. As expected Chicago’s offense has been dynamic. It should be even better after slugging RF Magglio Ordonez returns from the DL. RHP Esteban Loazia, LHP Mark Buehrle and newly acquired RHP Freddy Garcia give the Sox an imposing rotation to go with their hard hitting lineup. RHP’s Shingo Takatsu and Jon Adkins and LHP Damaso Marte have stabilized the bullpen, which has been a weakness in the past few seasons. The Twins payroll limitations have left them with some holes. Minnesota could get a boost from the return of Shannon Stewart, who jump started the offense after he was acquired from the Blue Jays last season, but that might not be enough. The Twins won’t be able to match the White Sox hitting and starting pitching."

That being said Rosenthal has as his revised World Series picks the Cubs against the A’s. (He had said Cubs / Red Sox before opening day...)


07-12-2004, 01:32 AM
Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't the sCrUBs have to at least MAKE THE PLAYOFFS before they run the table against the rest of the NL? Being 7 out at the ASB doesn't make that a sure thing, and they are not a lock for the wild card, either.