View Full Version : Kudos to Jose and the Bullpen

07-11-2004, 04:58 PM
Jose is not hitting great lately but he has come up with a few huge hits against leftys like today and he did not do that hitting righty last year. I think that is the differance in his numbers this year.

I know it was only Seattle but the bullpen had a good week-end. Damaso,Cliff and of course Shingo all took care of business. The ninth has become one of the highlights of the game instead of heart attack time. Kudos to Brooks capitalizing on Shingo with a great into. The crowd is just so into that moment of the gong and walk in by Shingo, it is one of the neatest atmospheric experiences the sox have had in recent years. My son and I went to all three games this weekend and we were anticipating Shingo in all three games. Nice.