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07-09-2004, 07:04 AM
In viewing the D-back roster, they clearly need something at just about every position.

The first spot that clearly sticks out is the OF. Between Bautista (32), Finley (39), and Gonzalez (36), they are quite old in the outfield. Plus, their fourth outfielder is Quinton McCracken (33), not exactly a name to strike fear into the opposition. Between those four, two are FA (Bautista, Finley), one is contemplating surgery and owed $30+M for the next three years (Gonzalez), and one is a waste of a roster space (McCracken). Finley is currently on the block, Bautista is looking to land a mid-to-high sized contract (from someone who is going to overpay) that will not keep him in a D-Back uniform, and Gonzo, as mentioned, is comtemplating surgery.

Another big spot is anywhere in the IF. Look at their roster: $13.0M tied up on the DL as of now. The only 'real' bats that are currently playing for the D-Backs IF is at the corners with Hillenbrand (.310-8-41) and Tracy (.280-5-31) -- then again, not quite the bats one would want at their corner spots.

It goes on from there. The rotation, outside of Johnson and Webb, is in worse condition then the White Sox. Fossum, Sparks and Daigle bring up the #3-5 spots in the rotation with a combined 7-15 record and an unsightly 6.88 ERA. The bullpen, which was a strong suite last year with young arms such as Valverde and Villareal blowing opposition away, is also embarrassing to look at. Valverde is on the DL, Villareal has disappeared with a 7.00 ERA and the rest might not even be performing well enough to put in the Sox' bullpen, which sorely needs help. Mantei is tying up $7.0M with his 11.81 ERA as well. Their catching situation isn't even really mentioning.

Bottom line? Arizona needs to trade RJ, and deep down, they have got to know this. The Sox still have enough depth (maybe not of blue-chip prospects, but depth none-the-less) in their farm system to be able to offer something to Arizona that they can bite at and talk to RJ about waiving his no-trade clause for [to Chicago]. If KW knows what I've just typed, he should be offering up prospects and swooning RJ as we speak.

KW should be offering Jon Rauch (SP), Brian Anderson (CF), Jeff Bajenaru (CL), Scott Schoeneweis (SP/MR) and perhaps two lower-level prospects in exchange for RJ (or something comparable).

Now, if only it can be conveyed to RJ that Chicago is a great place to live and play......

07-09-2004, 07:10 AM
I actually think you are right that the Sox have enough MLB ready talent and prospects (Scott Schoeneweis, Jon Rauch, Felix Diaz, Brian Anderson, etc.) to get RJ. But will RJ waive his no-trade clause to come here and will JR want to pay him next season? I would have to say "no" to both questions.

07-09-2004, 07:37 AM
Borchard, Diaz and Rauch for Finley and Johnson.