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09-26-2001, 12:00 PM
Tomorrow is the one and only day that both the Sox and Cubs have a home on the same day this season. The Sox have a day game and the Cubs have a night game. If anyone ever wanted to, this is the perfect opportunity to watch both teams in person the same day. I had planned on doing this but something else came up. I would have had to go buy a Astro's hat though... ;)

Just an idea for anyone who might be interested!

09-28-2001, 09:51 AM
OK, I guess I lied. I was able to make it to both games. I was even 2 for 2 as the right team won in each game. I do have one question though. How can anyone in their right mind prefer Wrigley to Comiskey? Even taking away the bias of being a Sox fan, Comiskey is ten times the ballpark compared to Wrigley. It was only my second visit to Wrigley and now I remember why it took me so long to go back. First of all, it takes forever and a day just to get through the neighborhoods to get to the park. I was even 2 and a half-hours early! At Comiskey, I just came right off the expressway and about 10 minutes later I was buying my tickets. Pretty good ones too. Lower deck along the left field line. It took me about half and hour to find a place to park at Wrigley. Then when I bought my tickets I found the seats where about row 30 wwwaaayyy behind home plate. It was a horrible view. So I ended up moving over near the left field foul pole. A little bit better. The place smelled like beer and urine. What a surprise. The seats are pretty uncomfortable too. I’d rather take the bright blue seats at Comiskey. It gets really boring between innings. No jumbotron to watch frogs race or play “guess the attendance” etc… The one thing I have to admit was the ceremony was really nice. More or less reminded me of what the Sox did. I also got to see too things classic to Wrigley, Ronnie Woo Woo and a fan throwing back a homerun ball. Luckily, I was down getting food when Shammy hit his zinger and during the seventh inning stretch. BTW, Comiskey food is much better also. I proudly wore my Sox gear throughout the entire park. That was rather fun. Getting out of that park is just as annoying as getting in. Another 45 minutes to get out to the tollway to get back home. I was out of Comiskey in 15 minutes.

So, on to the game observations. Wright looked a little wild but got out of some pretty good jams, mostly thanks to the defense. Two unassisted DP’s. One by Durham and one by Clayton. Very nice. The Twins hit the ball pretty hard off of Lowe but couldn’t get the runners around. We had some pretty good clutch hitting too. Carlos missed that grannie by a few feet. We all thought it was gone. I think the wind pulled it back. I also missed getting a Singleton foul ball by inches. I landed about 6-7 seats to the left of me. I guess someone tried to catch it and missed and it started rolling down the row right behind me. I saw it and started to grab it when my friend’s dad snatched it up. It was just about to hit his foot. Oh well. Almost the same thing happened at Wrigley. The Stros were taking batting practice and someone hit one and I looked up just before it smashed the seat about 2 rows in front of me. Put a big crack in the seat too. Then it ended up it the row in front of me and when I went to lean over the seats someone else grabbed it. 0-fer 2. The Cubs game wasn’t real bad, from what I paid attention to. I almost felt like a Cub fan. I was talking and listening to the fans gripe every time someone made a bad play more than watching the game. Although it’s real hard to follow the game unless you have a score sheet. I was never exactly sure who was pitching because they only display the pitcher's name when he first comes in. I hate that scoreboard… Bagwell looked horrible at the plate too. A couple of big plays I remember is are when they intentionally walked the bases loaded to get to Shane Reynolds and he hits a 2-run single and where Bagwell? snagged that line drive at first base in the ninth. Then Sammy came up, everyone cheered. Sammy got a duck snort, everyone cheered. McGriff came up, everyone cheered. McGriff grounded into a game-ending DP. I cheered. It was a beautiful thing.
Sox win, are tied for second. Cubs lose, magic # to be eliminated from the playoffs is down to 6.

09-28-2001, 09:55 AM
I figured that other post was long enough but I wanted to add 1 more thing. Harold got a nice standing O for what was probably his final AB at Comiskey. Then he promptly K's looking. The ump got a nice round of boos for that call too. I just hope Harold does the right thing and hangs up his hat this year. He's a great guy and all but there is no way he can help this team next year.