View Full Version : Sweeeeep

07-08-2004, 02:00 AM
So, I just got home from the brewer/flub game. The Milwaukeeans (sp?) are giving it to them hard! But, I thought I would share a few observations from the game...any fly ball hit by a cub...teh cub fans went nuts thinking it was a HR :rolling:

THEN, a cub batter was up (Barrett, I think) with two outs, no one on...a passed ball occured and teh cub fan behing me yells "RUN", I looked at him and when he realized that no one was on base, he slumped in his seat sheepishly. All I gots to say is GO BREW CREW....SWEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07-08-2004, 02:28 AM
:) that's all too funny! I'm going on the 26th the next time the cubs are in milwaukee, should be fun!